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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Setting Up A Restaurant.

Are you interested in setting up a restaurant? Well, this is one of the ‘business’ I am interested setting up. Everybody got to eat and for sure they will eat out once in a while or very often if the food offered is good and value for money.

First I got to make sure I can really provide good food and it must be value for money. Then I must find a good location to set up my restaurant, the rent must not be too expensive so as to keep my overhead expenses down. And to make my restaurant unique I intended to make use of unique eating utensils for example using wooden cutlery. All this I can get from Wholesale Catering Supplies.

Now is there anything that I miss? Of yes! I forget I must find & employed a good Chef! I am not really a good cook so finding a good chef is top priority! Not Chef no restaurant!

1 comment:

Nath said...

server also play a very important role to the services, bad service = bad review